General Specification

  1. Rates quoted are inclusive of Delivery,relevant taxes and Assembling within Bangalore city limits.
  2. Delivery within 3 to 4 weeks for standard designs. Please confirm exact delivery period before placing order.
  3. Cost of soft furnishing and toys are not included.
  4. Combination of 6mm, 12mm and 18mm MDF board are used in standard designs. Plywood/HDF/Particle board/Rubber wood can also be used with additional cost.
  5. Painted surface are in semi-gloss finish.
  6. Only visible surfaces are paint finished and rest is primer coated.
  7. Each piece is handcrafted painstakingly and slight variations in colour and dimensions may appear. Colours also may vary slightly as seen on webpage.
  8. Packaging will be in cling film/bubble sheet (bubble sheet will be taken back after assembling).Cling film to be removed once assembling is done to avoid getting stain marks on painted surface.
  9. Area in the room where bed is to be assembled should be free from any existing furniture/items.
  10. Mattress (not included) size to be one inch less in both length and width wise.
  11. Plan area occupied by bed will be approximately +2 inches from the bottom bed size
  12. Overall height of the bed is five feet [60 inches], unless specified. Bottom and top mattress platform height is approximately 12 inches and 50 inches respectively from floor.
  13. Painted surface are scratch and water resistant.
  14. No sharp edges
  15. Smooth rounded corners in each piece of furniture
  16. 100% termite proof
  17. Delivery Condition: Knock Down
  18. Load carrying capacity for ladder is 45 Kgs.
  19. Bottom and top bed load carrying capacity are 180 Kgs and 85 Kgs respectively.